Health Coaching

Fund Love offers access to health coaching services, regardless of your income or ability to pay. As a member, your dedicated health coach will work with you to identify opportunities to improve your health. You will also have access to a full range of programs and services that will complement your wellness journey.

Community Health Services

Fund Love builds and manages programs designed to help members of the community address the factors that have the greatest impact on their health and well-being. To accomplish this, we coordinate health services across many organizations, including health providers, schools, churches, and other community-based organizations, improving the care experience and health outcomes for those living and working in the community. Specifically, Fund Love provides those in the community with access to a vast resource center and information service, enabling them to find and access the services and supports that they need most.

Find help to improve your health.

In the midst of COVID-19, the well-being of communities across the country is in severe jeopardy. Without targeted and coordinated investments in public health, prevention and wellness, and in programs that address health and social inequities, we will experience significant declines in quality of life and in life expectancy.