Stephen Donald

Stephen Donald, ATC is an Athletic Trainer and health and wellness subject matter expert for Fund Love as well as current owner/operator of BatHound Fitness, Inc. He attended the University of Delaware graduating in 2014 with a B.S. in Athletic Training & Strength and Conditioning. A formidable education coupled with 16+ years of wrestling experience (Both coaching and competing) has led to the development of strategically aggressive programs and a mindset of practicality.

His professional career began in one of New York City’s more prestigious physical therapy institutions where his experiences ranged from helping patients ages 8-82 in rehabilitation settings to training Olympic athletes. This experience led to the formation of BatHound Fitness, A movement to try to bring the domains of athletic training to the general population. After Years of success implementing these principles in a one-on-one setting, Stephen is bringing them to the public by promoting comprehensive education and fostering community engagement.